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x Suyen

We rethink the bobby pin with hairstylist Suyen Salazar for NAMÌ x Suyen, our first hair accessory line, and artistic collaboration. The lowly clip takes on new shapes and forms. Once a dull item of function is now turned into a modern, plated series tinged with three women’s whims and imagination. 
“Suyen’s work reflects NAMÌ’s aesthetic and values so much. It’s simple and uncomplicated, always working with the raw beauty of one’s hair. It’s never too styled—like NAMÌ, it is effortless and lived-in.”

The collaboration led to a seven-piece line that mixes NAMÌ’s muted appeal with our vision of the carefree woman. Every barrette, cuff, clip, and pin take after the brand’s short history of simplicity and craftsmanship. Rather than restricting and drawing attention, each one complements the wearer, their style, and their mood. Imagined for the woman tootling through life in the spirit of Caroline Kennedy and Brigitte Bardot— “The girl who won’t stop dancing,”—these pieces carry versatility as easily as she sports her heart and dreams on her sleeve. As easily as she lets down (or styles up) her hair when a journey waits.