About us



It’s the word we use to fill in sentences, break an awkward silence, react to a clever jab. But it’s also the word we use when we wear jewelry that fits us, when we feel good about a piece of silver or gold that contrasts our basic white T-shirt. “Nice” is when we get more bang for our hard-earned buck.

Nice is namì in Ilonggo. NAMÌ is us.

NAMÌ was founded on the principles of timeless jewelry, everyday pieces that you can mix, match, and own without breaking the bank. Handmade from high-quality sterling silver, the collection has been crafted locally in the Philippines by Filipino artisans.

It’s a thoughtful collaboration of aesthetics, a mix of statement and minimal. The collection exercises a lot of restraint—it is elegant yet lived-in.

Led by Cath Sobrevega and Ina Tirthdas, the brand draws inspiration from the people in their lives. Their passion for jewelry began earlier, dating back to when their parents sported pieces that told their stories without words. “It’s the same with most of the women in our lives—their jewelry tells a story. We want to make that accessible." 

NAMI launched in 2016 as a jewelry line that includes earrings, rings, bangles, necklaces, anklets and toe rings. Tarnish-resistant, nickel-free, and hypo-allergenic, the pieces last a lifetime, keeping the memories last longer too.

NAMÌ jewelry is also available in gold (made to order) and is currently sold online at nami.ph.