Undone — 2019

First, you must come undone.

Give way to sudden impulses, flashes of discomposure, a little insecurity. Your infatuation with perfection must go.

The best of us are never finished, and neither are you.

If the objects you own must evolve with you, we offer pieces that can withstand time and move with it. The unfiltered look of Namì's summer collection reveals a raw, unpolished line of gold and silver. Insight and experience come alive with every surface detail, carved by hand to give each piece its own fingerprint. Each design in the summer line is beautiful on its own, but they can also speak different meanings when layered with the rest of your Namì collection. Pair your Insert with a Laya Stud one day and the Blake another. Layer the Vault with the Hendrix or stack a Twist Ghost Ring on top of a Sinta Ring. The possibilities go on.

Every definition is a redefinition. We lose control and gain it back, again and again. In time, you too will find comfort in knowing we are all but a work in progress.