No. 2


Statements aren’t always said; they could be worn. And if you choose to wear your words—on your fingers, by your neck, from your ears—borrow from NAMÌ’s latest vocabulary. For its second collection, simply named No. 2, the young jewelry brand deviates from its muted beginnings and makes noise with new pieces fashioned for attention and everyday use.


No. 2 revolves around rebellion. Each shape and curve in this series speaks of the brand’s newfound comfort in taking risks. There’s an ongoing curiosity for circles and the mundane, reflected in the familiar and playful silhouettes the metals take. “These represent freedom and experimentation,” say NAMÌ founders Ina Tirthdas and Cath Sobrevega. “These are pieces women can have fun with. It’s a little louder—just a little.”


Retaining its sleek and minimalist roots, NAMÌ’s follow-up collection mixes practicality with variety of form. And like its predecessor, No. 2 redefines and exhibits what the word “nice” (and therefore NAMÌ) means.


This time, “nice” means a diverse range of bold earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings. An updated version of the medallion decorates the collar, while different pendants—like the tricolor Rose necklace made with gold, silver, and rose—match different moods and occasions. Rings come both slim and chunky; these catch the eye even without jewels. Bracelets wrap the wrist with silent sophistication. Earrings either dangle for display or retreat in the folds of your ears, only to be noticed as arresting accessories.


Check out No. 2 here