The moment you think you’re good, be oh, so fine.

Speak your superlatives on the curves of your fingers, the inclines of your neck, the delicate slope of your ears. Expression is a luxury you have earned. For its latest collection, NAMÌ introduces its first venture into fine jewelry, articulating personalities with a foundation of gold and the luster of diamonds.
Handmade to timeless perfection by local artisans, Fine continues to evoke simplicity and a lived-in affinity with your style. NAMÌ Fine takes the timeless elements of its classic pieces and steps it up with drops of diamonds on a canvas of solid gold. This collection is a contemporary high-grade line of rings, earrings, and necklaces inspired by women who know full well holding back is a crime to the finest things in life.
Offering a range for once-in-a-lifetime occasions, rendered with an homage for the precious but everlasting, an ode to never going out of style.